DRA’s Mountain Ride – July 12th

Mountain Ride Sunday, July 12th
Meet at the Shell Station at Indian and I-10 at 8:00 – KSU 8:30.
We will be going thru Oak Glenn to Hwy 38 and out the back side of Big Bear, and stopping at Blondie’s Grill & Bar for breakfast.
Then saddle up and head to Crestline  to an old historical pub called The Stockade. 4-5 stars all the way. Drinks – Atmosphere – food.
Leaving Crestline we will work our way thru the picturesque town of Blue Jay to Cedar Glen and the R&B Steak House. A 2 story house turned into a bar & Grill. Outside porch with good drinks, lots of parking and a great view.
From Borderline we will swing back to Big Bear and end up at Murray’s saloon which everyone knows is a great place to hang and wait for the heat to drop before heading home.


Hope to see you there!

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