Attention – DRA Family Emergency

DRA Family,

We have an emergency and need whatever help you may be able to offer.  Stacy’s daughter lost absolutely everything except the clothes on her back this last Saturday in a fire that burned her house to the ground.  She is presently being taken care of by the Red Cross.

Alexxa is currently attending Mayville State in Mayville, North Dakota.  As I am writing this the weather just said they could be getting 20″ of snow in a new storm.

Obviously Cash is King in these situations, but anything you can give, we will make sure she gets it.

Top- medium

Jeans- 10 long

Shoe- 91/2

This young lady is working 3 jobs to put herself through school and is due to graduate this May.

I propose what we have done in the past, namely a pledge drive.  Please E-mail me anything you can do.  Any amount will help!!  You can then bring the money to the meeting this month.  We really need to do this quickly so we’ll run this for a few days.  Please email me though so I can track the donations and have the club write her a check quickly.

May God bless all of you, a worried mom, and especially Alexxa.

Respectfully Yours,

Ken Fort

Assistant to the Chairwoman

Good & Welfare Committee

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